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The works of new composer Edward Giles can be found on Youtube here, which also includes video output of a 3D rendition of ray-tracing algorithm dealing with a high resolution terrain fly-over.  The musical compositions are also available on SoundCloud by following id523 here. The pieces contain electronically generated and sampled sounds in a richly layered tapestry of melodies and rhythms.

The pieces are complemented with complex fractal images, also generated by the composer.



It is easy to get lost in a crowd of educational theories and unable to see the alignment between the theories and common sense in the classroom. 

Whether we are leading a learning-by-doing (experiential learning) program or teaching a theoretical course, a foundation of education theories is useful.

In any such program of learning we should ask:

  • When the Program is complete, what has been added to the student?
  • How do we measure success?
  • How do we feedback to improve the Program?
  • Whose Program is it?

The work of various educational theorists is woven into the answer to these questions.

This short paper can be downloaded below. There are versions in English and Chinese.

Education 101 – Chinese

Education 101 – Teachers Learning

Co-creation and media mashups are a form of innovation through collaborative activity using the two-way conversation which web 2.0 makes possible.

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