WebCraft – CyberSecurity, eCommerce, eLearning and Internet Promotion

This course is a highly practical guide to the 6 WebCraft skills: how to make your own place on the Internet and publicise it. It also includes how to express yourself, sell things and exchange knowledge and skills online. The course includes new knowledge for 2012 such as tips for working with the new Google ‘Penguin’ search algorithm as it is used for search engine optimisation (SEO).

Six Foundations Skills for Exploiting the Internet
  1. Publishing (websites, wikis and blogs + Kindle)
  2. Online ‘real estate’ and the Internet engine: domains. forwarding, hosting, the DNS and IP communication.
  3. Cloud IT infrastructure (mobile and scalable servers with storage and data manipulation).
  4. Learning and knowledge-sharing: (VLEs, Blogs and forums)
  5. Getting found: Google ‘Penguin’ (SEO) and Search.
  6. Networking, Promotion and Profit-making: social networks, affiliate marketing and lists.

This course will provide a practical glimpse at the infrastructure of the internet as it applies to expressing yourself and creating awareness online. It will also show how to set up systems for business.

These systems offer a cheap and low-risk way to build business acumen, so students can identify their passion for business whilst still at school.

Parents Setting up Accounts

The real tools you will learn are presentation, promotion and business-oriented, so you will use financial transactions systems and potentially expose personal details. You will also use an e-learning system commonly found in tertiary institutions and which becoming increasingly popular in high schools. Consequently you will not be allowed to take part in this ECA unless:

  • you can demonstrate that you know how to keep yourself and your classmates safe online;
  • you show at least one parent will help you set up and use the necessary accounts.
Accounts include PayPay to receive commission payments, an ISP account to register and maintain your domain name.

Safe WordPress Blog

Initially, you will learn about the WordPress ecosystem to express yourself and to collaborate in a community. At the start you will use your own WordPress Blog which will be on your USB memory stick and not online. You will then run your blog in a ‘sandbox’ only visible within the school network, before venturing out to the public Internet.

Once registered for this ECA you will receive e-learning site login information to use course materials including the online pre-test. Link to InnoLearn Virtual Learning Environment.

3 responses to WebCraft

  1. Russell

    Very cutting edge stuff. Am sure it will work very well.

    Good luck with it all


  2. Wow, Russel,

    Your students are very lucky to have you teaching them all this content. If you were able to teach me (as you know I am not very technologically inclined) I know your students will do very well.

    Good Luck!


  3. Great work, Russell ! Your students will surely be inspired (just as I am) to explore such emerging technologies with a fearless attitude, given the excellent resources at hand.

    Best wishes !


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